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Nail Cutting

Not wishing to waste time whilst waiting at a red light, this enterprising taxi driver chooses to do some self-grooming by cutting his finger nails

source: flickr.com

Welcome to the only web site dedicated the antics of the (ugly) Singapore Taxi Driver. Stories abound about the wonderfully ridiculous behaviour of our local taxi drivers in Singapore.

From the trivial to the spectacular, we trawl the republic for them all. There are links to blog & forum entries, photos, as well as news stories which feature this amazing creature we call the taxi driver.

We welcome all manner of contribution from the readers and we intend to develop this site to carry all complaints against errant taxi drivers and shame them into behaving like logical human beings.

Do drop us an email should you wish to forward any feedback, tips or report any taxi driver. We look forward to hearing from you - the irate passenger.

Teo Lee Fong
Site Manager


From 2011, reports will be posted on our blog instead!



Readers' Alerts (2010)


Mr Michael Roberts from Hong Kong SAR, China, informs the following on 20/12/2010:

"I enjoyed your website, please start one for Hong Kong where the taxis are filthy and unsafe, (no airbags, ABS braking or any other safety item apart from filthy worn ripped seat belts) quite the opposite of Singapore and better than most in China's big cites now, nothing compared to Japan though which is the clear winner.

Apart from the decrepit condition of taxis they also rob you here as well!

More power to you!"

[Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. We report on firsthand accounts here in Singapore and hopefully someone in HK can be inspired by this site to recreate one for the HK scene. Our purpose is to name and shame the more recalcitrant ones whilst providing a forum where aggrieved passengers can share their stories and learn from one another. The site also serves as a record to show what course of action works and what doesn't.]


Ms Ilyana informs the following on 06/12/2010:

"I write with reference to my dreadful experience with taxi driver of plate number SHD 5187X, Friday 3 december 2010 at about 1030hrs.

Me and mom flag a cab plate No. SHD 5187X stop. Driver wind down his window pane and asked my mother where are we heading. My mother told him that our destination would be IKEA. He then signal to us to board the cab. Minutes later, mom told driver off that he's going the wrong way. He then question us in a rude tone if we are going to KKH (kandang Kerbau hospital). My mother cleary told him we are going IKEA, not KKH. He then chided my mother for not saying it clearly. I cant bothered with his attitude and remain silent. Thereafter he change direction and head to IKEA. Our journey became unplesant as he continued to nag and scold my mom for not telling him clearly. He even told us off that he was attending to an emergency call and regret picking us up.

My patience was being challenged. I told him that he was extremely rude and has no respect. I decided to alight the cab immediately. As I was about to alight, he drove off and I trip and fall out of the taxi. I'm extremely disgusted by his attitude. Instead of being apologetic about it he just gave me a blank look and drove off. Because of his action, i sustain a laceration at my left leg. Imagine what could had happen if my mother was the one who alight first.

I have also make a verbal complaint through the phone. As of today i received no response from your company.

Hence I hope the authorities could look into this matter and take appropriate actions to prevent such incident from happening. Should you require a detailed account of the incident, I could be reached at 9xxxxxxx.

As a Taxi passenger, I am paying for a service and merely wished for a pleasant and most importantly safe journey to my destination; however not only have this taxi driver failed to be courteous towards the passenger, but he have also failed to even practice basic road safety, endangering passenger's safety."

[A verbal complaint to a taxi company is as good as talking to the wall, so we would advise you to proceed directly with an LTA complaint using their online feedback form. Do remember that every moment you delay is a moment longer that this taxi driver remains a threat to society.]


An anonymous person informs the following on 02/12/2010:

"I recently took a Chrysler 300C black SMRT taxi. Shortly afterwards we realised an iPhone 4 was missing. We had the taxi number but were given the usual "another passenger must have picked it up". We gave the benefit of the doubt initially but then an hour later used the iPhone's software to locate it in Havelock Link - surprise surprise a hawker centre for taxi drivers including the black 300Cs. We approached another driver and asked if we could "buy" an iphone, and he immediately radioed a colleague. Whilst I can't prove it and therefore am not suppling my contact details, it is my strong belief that some (obviously not the majority of) taxi drivers are stealing phones for resale. Please warn as many people as possible. Thank you for taking the time to setup your forum."

[Ask the taxi drivers why they do these things and they might even justify it as 'for survival'. Such criminal activity should not go unpunished and therefore we recommend that you lodge a Police Report.]


Mr Jason Lee informs the following on 1/12/2010:

"The following is an email which I had send to Trans Cab recently:

I booked a Trans Cab taxi on 27th November 2010 at 22:30hr, location at Sentosa Siloso Point. After ten minutes of waiting, I finally board onto a Toyota Wish plate number SHD5500A and headed towards Ghim Moh Road. I realized that the meter was displaying $3.50 for the current booking. After clarifying with the driver that the $3.50 is purely the booking fee, I checked the label on the window and it states that the current booking free of $3.50 only applies to peak hours from Monday to Friday and all other times including Saturday is $2.50. I asked driver again about it and he claimed that he did not set the amount as it is preset by the meter. And upon arriving my destination, I took a look at the label again and asked whether did he make a mistake. This time he said it might due to the peak hours and I thought maybe he was right. So I paid the full amount by POSB card.

But after I double-checked the rate on the website, it is indeed that I was being charged $1 extra on the booking fee. At this point, I am not sure if this is an error made by the driver or the meter system. Even though it is a small amount, I hope Trans Cab will follow up on this matter to prevent anymore of such cases happening to other commuters. I would appreciate if I can get a response soon. I can also be reached at my mobile number 9xxxxxxx.

Thank you!

As usual (like those letters I read from your website) they replied to me by saying that the incident is under investigation and will revert to me in 5 to 10 working days. Obviously it is the responsibility of the taxi driver to know the booking rates for various timings. It is beyond ridiculous for a passenger to remind the driver what should be the correct fares. I have the receipt as proof. I've decided to forward my complaint to LTA since I understand that most of the time the cab company would not do anything to fight for the commuters. And I would like to gently remind everyone reading this to take note of the right booking fares they should be paying when they booked a taxi.

Best Regards"

[Indeed, approaching LTA would be the best approach here as the cab company probably has to foot the refund (thereby affecting their profit) and not the taxi driver himself since he was following the meter information. And as we all know, no Singapore organisation gives a cent back to the consumer without dragging their feet and fighting against the process. If there is no satisfactory outcome, please let us know so that we can put you in touch with the press who would be extremely happy to report on this sort of thing. In addition, if anyone else has suffered a similar experience, please email us at teo.lee.fong@gmail.com so that we can consolidate the information and send it to our press contacts.]


Ms Fadzlina informs the following on 25/11/2010:

"I understand that drivers prefer cash payment cos paying by nets and visa will probably take a long processing time before it is credited into their account or something. That's why if im cashless i would usually ask the driver before getting into their cabs whether they would accept nets, even though they advertise that they do accept that payment mode, in fear that their system might be faulty.

Today, I was at the Lucky Plaza taxi stand and asked a citicab driver if he accepted nets. He said he only accepted cash so i went on to the next cab, a Comfort cab, SHD3553K, knowing for sure they do have the nets facility, but again before boarding i asked, just to make sure.

The driver Solomon, nodded reluctantly and after i boarded the cab, he commented on the Citicab driver, saying he could but just did not want to accept nets payment. I ignored him cos i didn't think it was a big deal. Then he grumbled that i should have drawn out some cash cos there are many atm machines nearby. I did not want to answer that i was rushing and that there was a long queue at the posb atm in lucky plaza cos i just felt i did not have to bother explaining and I'd rather enjoy my peace during the journey.

And he again showed his unhappiness when i arrived at my destination, cos he made unnecessary sound gestures and was shaking his head in disapproval as he swiped my card and waited for approval from the bank. I was by then irritated but did not tell him off cos i do not like confrontations, furthermore i was late. If he did have a problem with it, he should have said earlier before i boarded the cab so i wouldnt have had an uncomfortable ride. He shouldn't work for that company if he doesnt agree with their policies.

Irritating driver. I should not have even bothered asking before i boarded, cos I'm not in the wrong since they have that payment mode. "

[As usual, taxi drivers seem to think that it is the passenger's responsibility to make things easier for them. The whole point of taking a taxi is to make the travel convenient, otherwise we would have just taken the train or bus. Once again we see these drivers whine and complain about doing their job, and then whine and complain when people get annoyed with their attitude, then whine and complain when passengers get fed-up and boycott them.]


Mr Omar Vanjara of Mumbai, India, informs the following on 12/11/2010:

"I had the most unpleasant experience in my 5 days stay in Singapore last week dealing with the rude and unruly behaviour of Singapore cabbies. They refuse fares left right centre without any regard or concern, forgetting that they are there to serve the public, it's not that they are made to ferry passengers without being paid or at discounted rates.

Amongst all others the worst was getting in from Little India to Orchard Road it was a" NIGHTMARE", at around 10 pm my daughter was tired and sleepy not a single cab driver was willing to take us to our Hotel at Orchard Road, finally we had to take Bus No 65 to get back.

I hope that some urgent measures are adopted to teach these cabbies a lesson."

[As a Singaporean, I am embarrassed that our taxi drivers have given you such a bad experience. We have noticed that taxi drivers pick-and-choose at the taxi stand along Buffalo Road, discrimnating against foreign workers and Indian nationals in favour of Singaporeans and/or non-Indians. In a multiracial society, this behaviour is abysmal, and when people are sent to jail for racism, I don't understand why such taxi drivers are allowed to practise such prejudice. We urge you to lodge a complaint (won't take more than 5 minutes) on the Land Transport Authority's feedback website so that the necessary action will be taken. Otherwise, everyone will just pretend as if the problem does not exist. Thank you for raising this important issue and let's hope that the authorities will do more than just offer lip-service.]


Mr Simon W informs the following on 29/10/2010:

"First of all i would like to thank you so much for taking your precious time to read my humble and uninvited email. And hence if this letter has done some inconvenience, please kindly accept my heart felt apology. I am writing in this in the hope that your company will look into this matter as it might happened again to another person and in return it will badly reflect the images of your company.

On 29th October around 1030am. I was driving along Hougang central to pick up my elderly relative back home . she was already waiting for me by the side of the road and she was standing just about 10m away from the taxi stand . At that moment, the taxi stand was empty and i had already indicated my signal to show others that i am ready to stop and pick her up.

However a red color taxi with number plate SHB 7795 cut infront of me (I am driving on the left side of the lane) and drive into the taxi lane. I suppose he thought my elderly aunt want to take taxi which was not. I stopped in front about 10m away from the taxi stand and waited for my elderly aunt to board my car. Being an elderly she probably take at most 1-2mins of the time to board the taxi. During that time, the taxi driver behind me keep horning at me. I was surprise and was shock by the horn but still wave out my hand and signal to him that i will go (I am not blocking the lane anyway).

He start to walk toward my car and signal me to get out of my vehicle. I apologise to him and told him that I would go now.He started scolding vague language at me and say that my aunt shouldn't be standing so near to the taxi stand. Waste his time for stopping his taxi and in fact she is not taking a taxi. I replied and told the taxi driver that she was actually not in the taxi stand. She was away from the taxi stand and not in the queue (at that time there wasn't anyone in the queue).

He was obviously in a foul mood and became abusive, shouting vague language at the top of his voice. I got frighten and immediately wind up my window and want to drove off. At that moment, he knock on my window screen panel and say that he got my car number plate, he will 'find' me even though I refuse to get out from my car. His gangster and Barbaric Action frighten me.

I know it is not easy to earn a living being a taxi driver nowaday but that doesn't make him the 'King Of the Road".I am still trembling from the sentence - 'I will find you (In Hokkien) even till now when i am typing this letter. I sincerely hope that the company will look into this matter. This Unhappy had cost me sleepless night. Now i'm just worried that he knows where I live and find me trouble. I do wish you well and taxi company hiring the driver would look into this matter."

[This clown needs to be locked up in prison for the benefit of mankind. It is not the public's responsbility to ensure that taxi drivers do not mistake pedestrians for potential passengers. We would strongly recommend lodging a Police report against this hooligan for your own safety and forwarding a copy of the Police report (or perhaps furnish the report number) to LTA through their feedback website so that they can take stern action against this ruffian.]


Mr Goh informs the following on 19/09/2010:

"I sent the following mail to Transcab but has not received any reply. Not sure whether I addressed it to the wrong person or no response from them. I sent it to jasminetan@transcabservices.com.sg cause that's the only e-mail I can find in their web page.

To whom it may concern, I'm writing this e-mail on behalf of 3 female colleagues who had an unhappy experience during a taxi ride with one of the Transcab taxi.

Firstly, the driver was reluctant to follow the usual route that they instructed him to take. Secondly, he was very rude & even stop the cab when the passenger at the front sit was trying to adjust one of the air-cond to blow towards left front sit & he insisted to direct all the air-conds to the driver sit. He had also scolded the passengers with words such as "pig" in Malay Language and even told them to complain to the taxi company by saying that "you are just foreign workers, who care". Worse of all, he had been using his hand phone throughout the journey, intermittently without using the headset.

I hope that your company will investigate the matter and take necessary action to prevent re-occurrence. I look forward to your reply.

Details of the ride & driver as follow:

Incident date: 16 Sep 2010

Driver Name: Mohd Shariff

Vehicle registration plate numbers: SHD5014L

Boarding location: Woodlands Checkpoint

Boarding time: 1025hrs

Alighting location: Ang Mo Kio TechPlace II

Alighting time: 1045hrs"

[Taxi drivers always complain of discrimination but are more than happy to be condescending towards others. The cab company will try to avoid this issue so our advice will be to lodge a complaint with LTA instead through their feedback website instead.]


Mr Muhammad Faisal informs the following on 30/08/2010:

"This is to complain my encounter with a Comfort taxi with plate SHC8833A. The incident happened on Sunday, 29th August 2010, 2110 hours at the exit of Tampines Avenue 10, from TPE towards airport. We [my father (driver), my mother, myself and my 2 younger sisters] were travelling on TPE towards the airport heading to Tampines Ave 10. Just upon the exit (we are turning right) near the first traffic light, the taxi swerved into our lane causing my father to make abrupt move (we are travelling on the most left lane) to the side almost hitting a bus which is exiting towards Pasir Ris Dr 12. As we look around to see the cause of the taxi's action, we can't see any other cars travelling on the second and first lane on the right. The taxi sped off after that without any gestures to indicate his fault. Could you please investigate with the driver for the cause of his action as the incident have made my whole family shocked. This is such a bad example to my sister who is still under driving probation and such a bad experience the whole family got. I hope to have a response from Comfort taxi. "

[For so-called experienced drivers, these taxi drivers have an unusually high rate of ridiculously bad driving. It is good that you have chosen to report the matter and hope this driver is taken to task appropriately.]


Mr Giff Loh informs the following on 25/08/2010:

"On 25th Aug' 10..around 10:10am I on called for a taxi from Comfort..if I'm wrong car plate number 6545..reaching in 5-7 mins..during the 5-7mins of waiting I manage to get a taxi by the road side so I call immediately to cancel my booking..not long after I cancel..the taxi driver text me the message above indicated in the picture..Such a well known company with such a ridiculous driver!!..I'd sent this pic to all the taxi company in Singapore..I'm pending to sent it to newspaper..small prob make it big cause it's damn rude!!.. I work in sales line and I believe consumer always the right one..this incident making me feels like I'm in the wrong to cancel a booking!.."

[Taxi drivers like this expect passengers to be loyal and considerate to their needs, yet almost always treat passengers very badly (for example, being unwilling to help passengers load their bags into the boot or ignore roadside fares for call-bookings). I think it was decent enough of you to cancel the booking instead of just ignoring, so what the driver did was uncalled for.]


Ms Shirley Wee informs the following on 26/07/2010:

"I want to logde a complaint dated 25/07/10@ 6.14pm, my friend was was driving along the kallang leasure park,yesterday was really many cars along the entrance due there is a concecrt ,and we will waiting to go in carpark to park ...behind there is a mercerdes taxi car number plate SHC 813 K was horning at us. We already being stuck cause infront a lot of car also waiting for going in, carpark, and this taxi driver till her can overtaking passed by, he is too much pointing at us middle finger & he just go off, noted his taxi was not hv passenger inside the car. we already call your comfort taxi dept as per phone @ 6.15pm on the spot the operator name Mala is from customer service, she told us she will forward our complaints to complaints dept. I hope you get back to us asap. I need you let us know how you going to deal with this type of rude taxi driver. Once again I don't mind being witness, I give you my full name."

[This type of taxi driver will be the same one who will happily hog the road to pick up passengers with total disregard of other motorists. As we have mentioned many times before, one can only wonder if it takes a certain type of senseless moron to be a tazxi driver. Please pursue the matter until this driver is taken to task - we certainly don't need such hooligans on our roads.]


Mr Idris informs the following on 18/07/2010:

"On 10 July 2010 i and my mother boarded NTUC Cab SH7093T at ZAM ZAM Restaurant to Tampines Street 32 where we reside. Once we boarded i told driver on the route that i intend to go which is to go via Nicoll Highway, KPE and exict at PIE. The driver conveniently take KPE and exit at TPE. Instead of going shorter distance.he choose to go longer route instead. I travel to work everyday from Tampines to Chua Chu Kang via PIE and retrun via TPE. I don' t think the distance from North Bridge Road to Tampine street 32 will take 21.0 KM. Detail of my receipt are as follow:

TRIP NO 071012331
START: 10/7/2010 @1233 HRS
END: 10/07/2010 @ 1258 HRS

Upon alerted the driver tha he has chosen the wrong route which i had told him once we boarded the cab. With his good heart he decided to reduce the the 40 cents. We rejected the discount he offered, i know the cab fare should not be more than $12.00 due to off peak period and traffic was smooth. I seek you good office to educate the driver on his behaviour by chossing his own route for his own benefit. I hereby demand the driver to refund me the difference via Account Payee Cheque."

[Yet another instance of trying to cheat the passenger. We notice also that these days the flagrant attitude is no longer towards clueless tourists but to knowledgeable Singaporeans as well.]


Ms Chan informs the following on 07/07/2010:

"I am not aghast to read about drivers from hell who are willing to put the lives of others at risk. I' m sad to hear that and I do hope all are well. Honestly, i have seen really good drivers. Drivers that are patient. Give way, signal. Drivers that help you open the door, close it, respect your privacy and engage in conversations that do not border on politics and personal issues. Its a give and take. Sometimes we get good drivers and sometimes we get bad ones. When we have a bad day, we do not take it out on others and risk lives. My complain is minute compared to all yours (i am sorry to hear that)... but I guess an open confrontation and verbal disagreement is enough to get me mad.

This complaint is not about the drivers who put my life at risk. Its about a driver whose rudeness really displays bad service and totally uproots the service industry in Singapore.

I took SHC0948E. When i reached my destination, I took out my wallet to pay. The cost was $10.55. As I was looking in my wallet, my coins dropped out delaying payment. I also had a $50 and looked for exact change. I apologised to the driver for the late payment which at most, took was 1 minute. There was not traffic jams behind me, and no one else waiting for a taxi. The road was empty. It was a housing estate. Seriously, i think i am the only few that apologise (i do it all the time, as I have many bags)...

Unfortunately, the driver chided me saying I should have "gotten payment ready". Or as i quote Mr Yeo "you must get your money ready". I was shocked at his rudeness as I picked coins from the floor. I told him that I had to look for my dropped coins. He retaliated and said that i was wasting his time andi should not "waste other peoples' time". and that he had "things to do". I was shocked again.

Usually taxi drivers would say its ok, and to take my time. But Mr Yeo continued to say that he had other customers and that i should not "waste other peoples' time". i then said is $50 note fine? He said "yes, i don't care." When I gave him my $50... he took his time to return me change and was very unhappy that i asked for a receipt. It seems if he didn't want my money, and I was wasting his time, should i just get out and leave?

If Citycab values service, Mr Yeo doesn't embody it. I do hope such drivers will be trained in service as this is a bad reflection of such companies

The thing is, I have not really encountered bad or rude drivers. But the fact that I was "wasting his time" and was willing to even go into a verbal disagreement with me, says something about his passion.

I am not even going to bring up the fact that he did not signal at all. or his hazard lights were not on or off when i boarded/disembarked. Nor the fact that he did not switch on the lights as I was making payment. Or that I said "hello" when I got in and he just ignored me.

Now i'm just worried that he knows where i live....

I do hope all of you are well, and taxi companies work on errant drivers.

A very disgruntled passenger
Ms Chan"

[We could never quite understand why taxi drivers behave as though they have been forced into this 'profession' with a gun pointing at their head. They choose to go into this industry, yet behave as though the opposite is true. Yes, taxi drivers are always in a rush when with passengers - only to be seen talking rubbish with other drivers at coffeeshops, taking naps or waiting in queue at high-surcharge locations.]


Ms Debbie Quek informs the following on 10/06/2010:

"I write with reference to my dreadful experience with Transcab Taxi SH578J as of 10 June, Wednesday. It was around 9:00am when my friend and I boarded a Red Transcab Taxi SH578J along Serangoon Gardens roundabout and told him to take us to Serangoon North Avenue 1 and Hougang Avenue 2.

1. Less then 5 minutes after we board the taxi, the taxi almost got into an accident with a Mercedes Benz because the taxi driver failed to check for oncoming traffic before moving off. Immediately after the incident, the taxi driver started lecturing us on how we almost got him into an accident and how we had to take responsibility and pay for the damages caused should we have gotten into an accident. I was confused by his statement as I do not understand how we, as passengers, could have been responsible for the incident.

2. While along Hougang Avenue 2 the taxi driver dangerously tried to "cut" his way from lane one into the next lane. This resulted in several drivers honking at him, however despite all the honking and dirty looks, the taxi driver refused to give way and tried to force out the car out of the lane ( At that time, two cars were each taking up half a lane. Both cars refused to give way). At even one point of time, the Taxi was about 15cm close to the next car. During that short 5 minutes, not only did I have to put up with the other drivers dirty stares, I was very much bothered by how dangerous it was. We were so close getting involved in any road accident with numeral cars and the taxi driver still had the cheek to curse under his breath.

3. After going pass the Hougang stadium I requested for the Taxi Driver to make a U-turn in front. After he made the turn, I then requested him to then turn into the 2nd car park. Apparently he misheard whatever I said and started yelling, "After the traffic light ah?" repeatedly despite me re-telling him to turn into the car park. After the taxi driver turned into the car park, the taxi driver still hadthe audacity start telling me off for not directing him properly.

As a Taxi passenger, I am paying for a service and merely wised for a pleasant and most importantly safe journey to my destination; however not only have this taxi driver failed to be courteous towards the passengers, but he have also failed to even practice basic road safely, putting his passenger's safety at risk. "

[We are not surprised that the driver blamed the whole world except himself and also not surprised that he tried to preempt his lousy driving by telling you that you would have to pay for any accident. This only illustrates the point that the only thing more dangerous than an idiot is an idiot who thinks he's competent.]


Mr Olim informs the following on 03/06/2010:

"I come across you web site accidentally and read. I think it is fair to have a balance view of Singapore Taxi Driver. As much as there are handful of 'Bad Apples' among Taxi Drivers, there too are quiet a number of responsible and respectful individual Taxi Driver in Singapore. As an very objective reader, I would encourage you to condsider having a column for 'Good Apples' of Taxi Drivers. Unless it is your main intention only to Shame than to Praise, (which I hope is not) This will give encouragement and promote a more graceful society amoung the Taxi Driver community."

[There are many avenues to compliment and give real recognition (in terms of money and documentation) and we do encourage those who are touched by the services of any drievr to forward their appreciation to the cab companies. However, the issue that we are concerned with on this site is seldom consolidated and often swept under the rug as isolated incidents. We intend to offer the evidence that shows that this is a sytemic problem that needs close analysis by a large authoritative body. We thank you for your feedback and assure you that we have no qualms about mentioning a good deed that is informed to us.]


Ms Masitah informs the following on 25/04/2010:

"A happy outing with my baby girl was cut short when I crossed the traffic light junction between Giant (Tampines) and IKEA (Tampines) on 25 April 2010 approximately 1915 hours. The traffic light was in my favour to cross (green man) and red light for the vehicles to stop. Transcab SHD 5052B drove fast without stopping, violating traffic rules, brushing me just a step apart (between me and the cab). Had it not been a tap from my aunt, I would have had been knocked hard and a serious accident would have occurred. I cannot imagine the situation with my baby in my left arm, flung or run over by the reckless driver. Nevertheless, my baby and I were in a state of shock. Surprisingly, the cab driver actually made a U-turn upfront and went into IKEA carpark. Furious that he did not stop to check, I went into IKEA carpark and searched for the cab albeit still trembling and with a wailing baby in my arms. Attached are the pictures to prove that the mentioned car indeed was parked in IKEA and the traffic junction where it took placed.

FYI - I could not figure the name of the drivers (there were two photos pasted on the top left of the windscreen far from my view from outside). I am not sure if this information is of any help but the booking monitor stated the booking of the cab start: 1903-1917, fare amount S$10.80.

I called booking hotline 65553333 as that was the only number stated on the cab. Then I tried calling the feedback/complains hotline as adviced by the customer service officer but up till this moment, it was never answered and I did left messages. I then called booking hotline again which was attended by Mr Tandi and explained the situation. He mentioned that someone will be calling me tomorrow (26 April 2010). I will be waiting for that call.

This matter should be look into immediately. I hope it will not be brushed through just because no life was lost which by then it will be too late. I will be monitoring the state of my baby tonight. I will not hesitate to bring this up further if nothing is being done. I have sent a feedback to LTA for their information and action where necessary."

[If anyone is injured, these taxi drivers will be the first to flee the scene, so we are glad that you are safe and that you had managed to locate the errant criminal's vehicle. We pray that justice will be served and that such maniacs are removed from our roads altogether.]

Update (30/04/2010):

Response from Transcab

"Dear Ms Masitah, Please refer to your feedback dated 25/04/2010. Our Company takes customer feedback seriously. Every customer complaint is investigated and we will not hesitate to discipline errant drivers with proven services lapses. In this case, warning letter as well as counseling had been issued to the driver. On top of that, we will monitor the service rendered by the driver and will take further action against him should there be a repeated offence. At the same time, we would like to apologize to you on behalf of our driver for the unpleasant encounter that you have met. Once again, thank you for your valuable feedback. Thank you.

Coewe Lu (Ms), Customer Service Officer Transcab Services Pte Ltd

Response by Ms Masitah

"In my opinion, a warning letter do not suffice. The driver had obviously violated a traffic rule having a near miss accident with me and my baby. As mentioned in my email earlier;

1) the driver took no qualms in stopping (eventhough he made a u-turn again) to check if anyone was ok;
2) he was driving real fast at a minor traffic light crossing;
3) the traffic light was not in his favour and he zoomed through;
4) although no one died, my baby and I was the unfortunate ones to be almost hit by this reckless driver.

A warning letter will not have an impact with such an errant driver. Morever, he should have had a passenger at that moment, giving the information on his booking monitor stated the booking of the cab start: 1903-1917, fare amount S$10.80.

5) he or his passenger should not be running late to something because his taxi was still at the same carpark spot almost an hour later in IKEA (my aunt who went ahead with her shopping spotted the taxi at the same spot) and there was not a function going around the vicinity. So, I see no explanation on his dangerous driving and disregarding the safety of his passsenger and pedestrians alike.
6) he must have not been attentive on the road causing him to beat a red light at a minor road. Imagine what it could have been if he was on a major road?

The driver should receive demerit points and/or a fine to deter him to repeat such unethical driving again. His errant driving will be recorded, and in any case he switches taxi company or profession involving him to be on the road, there will be a record to fall back. The driver should be responsible of his mistake. Like I stressed earlier, we would not be waiting for a death to occur only to have a justified action be taking place. Please notify me of the outcome. Thanks. "

[Well done Ms Masitah! This the typical insincere response from the cab companie which we have come to accept. If there is no suitable response from Transcab, you may wish to proceed to lodge a complaint with LTA instead through their feedback website instead.]


Mr Chris informs the following on 10/04/2010:

"After reading so many stories of motorist having a brush with taxi drivers who violates traffic rule/s, here is a tip. Take note of the location (name of road taxi was travelling, direction, reg no., date and time). And also note the offence for eg:- cutting into vehicle SXX1234z's path and forcing the latter vehicle to execute emergency braking to avoid an accident, so on and so forth. Non speed related offences only as we do not have properly calibrated speedometers. Go to the nearest police station and ask to lodge a traffic complaint aka "summon echo". The cab driver would surely receive a ticket without knowing who issued it. But be prepared to go to court if he decides to claim trial. And would be best if you are acting as a third party lodging the complaint."

[We appreciate your assistance in providing us with this valuable citizen's weapon against such behaviour.]


Ms Nur Ain informs the following on 09/04/2010:

"On 8 April 2010 at around 6.20pm, my boyfriend and I were heading to Beach Road to have our dinner. My boyfriend is riding a bike. We were at the traffic junction and it is a red light at that point of time.

Suddenly, this taxi driver plate number SHC 3472R came behind us, tailgating us all the way. He was very near to us that the car almost touches our motorcycle. What happen next is that, we give way to him as there is no point in fighting whom to go first. We were shocked you see that is why we just allow him to get past. Then I remember to whip out my hp and take some pictures and video of this driver.

You can see from the video clip below that we were turning and the driver who is suddenly brake hard causing me to bump into my boyfriend. It is obvious that the driver is unhappy at us for taking pictures. It did not happen once but thrice. He still dares to stop beside us, drive beside us until our leg can touch his car although we give him way.

I do not have his pictures taken as he blocks his face. From what I can remember is that, he is a Chinese around mid 30s-40s. Once again, the incident happens on 8 Apr 2010 at around 6.20 6.40pm, along ICA building road heading towards Beach Road.

Right now I am waiting for Comfort taxi reply though. EVIL RECKLESS DRIVER!"

[Thank you for taking the trouble of submitting the photo and video footage to us. This is not the first time that we find such criminal taxi drivers trying to cause injury to other road users (see the news report at the bottom of this page). We strongly advise Ms Nur Ain to lodge a report with LTA through their its feedback website instead as the cab companies will just use the footage to support a more neutral view of the incident rather than consider the dangerous behaviour of their driver.]


Mr Chua Tee Choon informs the following on 09/04/2010:

"After reading the TODAY's (Wed 7 Apr) article; "A RIDE WITH A TAXI-DRIVER FROM HELL"; I felt impelled to write this feedback; actions that were long overdue. I hope the relevant authorities; LTA and the Taxi Companies take ownership of the terrible driving habits of Taxi-drivers who see no wrong; even justifies and excuses fellow taxi drivers for their unjust behaviour. To most; having 4 accidents in a year seem to be the norm; recounts one taxi-driver; and yet be allowed to continue to drive. So long as Taxi Company look at their bottom line and allow any Tom Dick Harry to drive their taxis; the situation will only get worst even with Corrective actions and penalties in place.

I even had one harrowing experience of a motor-impaired driver who looks fit to be in a old folks home driving like a "drunkard"; with so many misses. The next time he may not be so lucky; and to this; the taxi company largely should be blamed for allowing a handicapped person to drive. So confirms the SYSTEMS (figuratively 51%) at fault. So from this TOP END angle; if one can have a system that trains and selects the best drivers before they are licensed to drive; just like soldiers who have graduated from an academy; that will be a nice change to our roads.

That said; its time for taxi-drivers to go back to schools and for periodic refresher training courses; just like those carried out in Thailand; so that taxi drivers continue to uphold the company/country's image and bring safety to our roads. Its time the TOP BRASS join hands and a takes a long term view of the problem and put PREVENTIVE PLANS in place.

Its only natural human behaviour; when one has somebody's lives in their hands; that one puts on the best practices to ensure the other party's safety and or puts on the best ambassador/public image for their company/country that fortunately or unfortunately ; all taxis being visible; cannot avoid being disassociated from the country's image. If one cannot exhibit such responsibility; one should be disqualified outright for blatant disregard to human lives and for not upholding the country's ambassadorial mage.

Driving skills alone; does not qualify one to drive a taxi. One has to be taught service skills; just like those in the hospitality business. Courtesy and Gracious behaviour are values for taxi drivers to execute daily and they should find quiet joy in earning a living. Only then; the well mannered ones will join the profession; who currently stayed away because of the continued bad image displayed on the roads; and this positive move is self- propelling towards an excellent service oriented company.

Its TIME for the policing body LTA to act; to start training taxi-drivers BASIC CIVIC MANNERS; what more with the government grants available; it should be easy for any private enterprise to come up with the DOs & DONTs scenarios of good driving; that eventually could be applied to all learner drivers; which sadly; the curriculum is lacking in safety vocabulary and real-life encounters.

LASTLY; ONE MUSTN'T FORGET ROAD DESIGN THAT HAS MUCH ROOMS FOR IMPROVEMENT. For this; LTA; the URA; HDB; the POLICE; the PARKS department and the PWD must work as one to streamline and integrate their projects to make for a PLEASANT DRIVE. The placement of the pedestrian walk paths; car parks entrances/exits; the barricades; the traffic signs; the planning of U-TURNs; the planting of trees; the building spot lights just have to operate as one to allow a seamless traffic flow. Poor road design is pretty prevalent; that is so easy to spot a traffic misbehavior from the way the road infrastructure were laid-out. Many times feedback to the relevant authority were made but went unheeded because of pride. But has seen the authorities conceded quietly years later on certain road changes but at much costs and lives.

Chua Tee Choon"

[Thank you for your thoughtful insight into the problem. It is true that everyone must work together to arrive a suitable solution. In the meanwhile, we will continue to provide the much-needed documentation and record to prove that this IS a problem - and continues to be so. Rest assured, this site is gaining prominence among the higher echelon.]


Mr Jimmy C informs the following on 08/04/2010:

"Hi there, first of all i would like say THANK YOU for setting up this interesting website for the passengers who involved in the unpleasant ride with the taxi drivers.

Personally, i hv had never like any cabbies in singapore when i was a 17 years boy and working Marina square. That time, i got a sprained angled on my left leg, and its bandaged like rice dumpling. After i got off the train at CityHall, it was about 8.30am, i walked towards the then Westin hotel taxi stand, and politely asked the taxis uncle took me to Marina square. Its a short trip, but willing to pay for the expensive fares despite my little income.

To my surprise, i was rejected by the cabby! I was fumed as he was in first in the que outside the hotel taxis stand, then i asked the second cabby, he also refused to take me too! Since then, i never like cabbies anymore, when i started to drive on the road, i dislike them MORE! or to be frank, HATE THEM TO THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!... I realised that more cabbies think that they are the towkays on the wheel, when actually they made no different with other service orientated industry, but due to their age, they think they are your father, and we should obey them!

In the past, I had made several complaints to the various taxi operators whenever i came across errant taxi drivers on the roads,eg. spitting from the car at the traffic light, throwing cigarette outside the car window while cruising on the road , speeding at the speed of 120km/hr on ECP, no help offered to carry heavy language to the boot etc.. but until today, i still see the same problems on the road.

What does this tell us? Is it the taxi operator duty to educate the cabbies? Or the misbehaved cabbies need to send for rehab or corrective training?...If the taxi operators penalised the cabbies, suspended their rental of the cab, the cabbies could join other taxi company. Thus, No Taxi operators wld be so silly and punished or terminate the taxi drivers rental of the car in order to stay profitable. I think, a new panel need to set up to tackle this social issue with the taxi operators and taxi association as well as the CABBIES!"

[Thank you for the compliments and yes, the same problems we saw as children still exist today and the time has come to ask why is this so. Personally, we believe that it is only through continued documentation of any and all instances of abhorrent taxi driver behaviour and diligent reporting to LTA that we can ensure our roads will be safe from these delusional 'king-of-the-roads' wannabes.]


Mr Poh Yu Seung informs the following on 08/04/2010:

"I read about your taxi feedback site and wanted to share with you some observations from the perspecive of a motor enthusiast. Today's modern taxi in Singapore is having a 3 litre, turbocharged engine. coupled with an automatic gearbox, they effortlessly accelerate to 100kmh in less than 10 seconds.

Do we need such high powered taxis in a country with speed limit of 90kmh and journeys that take less than 30 minutes? I don't think so.

So why do the companies buy such taxis?

  • buying price is lower than the standard Totyota Crown;
  • published fuel consumption rate is lower than the old-tech Toyota Crown;

But in reality, the drivers tend to drive with a "pedal to the metal" style thus, maximising the performance of the car!

Ironically, the modern turbo diesel engine is efficient at low rpms and powerful at high speed as well? Can anything be done?

- electronic speed limiters; just like those fitted to SAF General purpose cars and Land Rovers;
- physical restrictions at the intake manifold of the engine, this is done in the UK for large capacity motorcycles to reduce the horsepower so that a beginner can legally purchase and own one...
- driver education on "having a light footed approach = increased fuel economy = less running costs for their own pockets"

I hope your cause goes a long way, let me know if i can be of any help.

Poh Yu Seung
Singapore Record holder for Motorcycle Fuel Economy
(accredited in the Singapore Book of Records)"

[We are indeed honoured to have an expert contribute his thoughts and agree that this is a valid point to raise - should the already-incompetent drivers be furnished with an even more powerful weapon?]


Mr Pang informs the following on 07/04/2010:

"On 7 April 2010 at about 10.05am, a blue Comfort taxi vehicle SHA4743M was driving out from Changi South Street 3 recklessly, left turn into Changi South Avenue 2, without stopping behind the stop line. I had to swirl my vehicle right to avoid been smashed and possibly killed by him. I was so shock that I tremble but was still alert and continue driving slowly towards the traffic control junction about 150 meter in front beside KWS building (Kintetsg World Express Pte Ltd). He stopped beside my vehicle and I wind down my window telling him about his errant driving behaviour, with trembling voice, and he still argue violently towards me, still insist he was right to come out. (Please advise if we need to give way to Taxi vehicles that drive more hours on the road than other people?)

I got of my vehicle, still trembling, to take a photograph of his taxi license plate number. He got down from his taxi too and threatens me, his call of action and violent behaviour already proven an attack towards me, I call the police immediately, still trembling, the police would have heard my trembling voice. After the call we shifted our vehicles to a nearby road waiting for police assistance. I was still trembling standing outside my vehicle by his attempting murder action until police arrived. (Incident number: G/20100407/0109) The police suggest I could write to Traffic Police for their necessary investigation and action.

We are all maneuvering a killer weapon (be it bicycle, motorcycle, car or cargo truck), I do not think the abovementioned driving behaviour is acceptable on the road. If this is acceptable, this is a seriously attempting murder behaviour which could not be tolerated and should be punished heavily.

Lastly, I choose to follow the police advise writing to Traffic Police since the driver has violate a traffic law, and possibly violate other law practices as well (maybe still within Traffic law) such as reckless driving, attempting murder, threatening violent behaviour. I do not believe writing direct to Comfort Taxi management."

[Yes, we agree that writing to the cab company is of little to no use in this case as they will drag their feet. On top of reporting the matter to the Police, we would encourage you to lodge a report to LTA so that they can follow-up on this taxi driver's behaviour should the Traffic Police not be able to take further action. If each os us report our experience to LTA through its feedback website, the repeat/habitual offenders can be easily identified and removed from the vocation altogether. We need to exercise our right as passengers.]


Mrs Machin informs the following on 07/04/2010:

"After having read this morning's paper with the article about a taxi driver from hell, I decided to share my little experience of Singaporean taxi drivers. We are a british family living in Singapore and believe in using public transport and taxi's instead of buying a car. The majority of the time when we hail a cab, the driver has a good idea of where to go and the route to take. Last week and this week I had to get a cab to my children's school. The first time it was for an important meeting and time was of the essence. I hailed a cab at the bottom of our road and asked the driver to go to Tanglin Trust school. I knew straight away that this was not understood and he kept saying Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall and anything else with Tanglin in the sentence. Luckily he had an uptodate map and I proceeded to give him directions. 3 days later, I had the same unfortunate experience but this time worse. The cab came along, a old black coloured cab so I am unsure which company it belonged to. Once again I needed to go to Tanglin Trust School, Portsdown Road. Not only was the driver about 90 years of age, he had a hearing aid and still couldn't hear me. I spoke as clearly as I could and still he had no idea.

I was just about to get out but didn't want to appear rude. He then produced the street directory and I pointed out the place I needed to go to. He still wasn't clear of directions so proceeded to drive all the way to our destination in 2nd gear and with the map on his lap which he looked down at every 2 seconds. Obviously everytime he looked down at the map, he would swerve into another drivers lane. He did this for the entire journey and I was extremely worried for me and my children riding in the back.

What I can't understand is how drivers like this can continue to drive and take not only his life into his own hands but passengers as well. I am a british driver and been driving for over 20 years yet if I wanted to drive here I have to take a theory test (with the most ridiculous questions I have ever seen) and can only drive here if I pass. I am a safe and considerate driver yet I cannot drive on my own uk licence after living here one year but taxi driver's like this gentleman are allowed to have a licence. How is that right!!! "

[A combination of a work-till-you-die attitude by the Singapore government coupled with the no-choice-but-to-be-a-taxi-driver predicament results in people who can't even walk properly being allowed to drive taxis. We understand that becoming a taxi driver means the person is at his wits end and when he can't even do the last resort - well, that would mean the state has to help. I guess it's better to just let him continue as a taxi driver and not be a liability to the state. Certainly, it does not make sense at all to have such drivers on the road - but then, this is Uniquely Singapore! Again, our advice would be to submit the feedback to the relevant cab company so that such drivers can be relieved of their dangers and the roads can be safe again. We understand there will be several readers who feel that it is drastic to take away the livelihood of such aged taxi drivers but I implore them to consider if they would feel the same way when their loved ones get knocked down by such too-old-to-be-driving taxi drivers.]


Mr Kwan Chee Yang informs the following on 05/04/2010:

"Can you better organize this website? It seem too confusing to read etc. You should create folders eg to compile entries for each month. Also, you can also create/collate a folder or page to input all the taxi number plates and companies. Else, I do not see what is the purpose of this website. It is just too hard to read with all the font colors etc."

[We are sorry that you did not enjoy your experience on this site. However, our purpose for this site is to serve as a record of all the experiences that regular Singaporeans have with taxi drivers. The results speak for themselves as each and every complaint contained on this page is from a unique person with a specific experience. There is no money to be made through this website, and in fact, there is considerable danger as we have heard that many taxi drivers are trying to figure out the identiy of the site manager. We have decided to place all the information on a single webpage so that it can searched easily and can be saved onto a local computer by anyone. We believe that the most important aspect of this website is the information shared by fellow passengers and road users as opposed to a fancy-looking website. Nevertheless we thank you for your feedback.]


Ms Caroline Gee informs the following on 07/04/2010:

"On 4th April night, I hailed an NTUC Comfort cab at the bus stop near Ikea. The driver did not get out to help me with the luggage so I lifted it up and put into the boot of his taxi and boarded. Upon arrival at my destination, I paid him the fare and asked him to keep the change. I alighted and went to the back to collect my luggage. The driver drove off with me pursuing him and stretching out to bang on his boot to stop him. He realised what I was doing and stopped his taxi for me to remove my luggage. He did not even bother to come out to apologise or check if I was alright."

[This is your run-of-the-mill taxi driver with no sense of civility to another human being. And they have the audacity to feel insulted when passengers treat them like dirt. Often, they fail to realise that the treatment they receive is a direct consequence of the way they behave themselves. It is a pity that you were not able to take note of the licence plate number - you would have been more than justified to lodge a complaint with Comfort with regard to the abysmal behaviour of this driver. We advise all readers to note of the taxi licence number as a habit every time they take a taxi - you never know when you need the record.This is one way to arm ourselves as passengers.]


Ms Cyndy Lim informs the following on 05/04/2010:

"While I was awaiting for the next available parking lot in between Blk 79 and Blk 85 of Bukit Merah market to have my dinner at 8.35pm, as per normal, I left my hazard light on while waiting on the right side of the lane. There were no cars behind me when I reached, afterwhich, a lorry driver signalled to me that he was going off on the left hand side of the carpark, immediately I turned on my my left signal to indicate that I am reversing into the lot.

While I was reversing halfway from the right lane, I was appalled that this particular Blue Comfort taxi bearing registration number SHC1421B actually dashed behind me and halted the lot. Out of a friendly gesture that he might not appear to know I am actually parking into the lot, I tapped my horn to sound him out.

I was taken aback that he simply ignored me and blocked me from getting into the lot. This inconsiderate behaviour of the driver caused a congested row of cars to form from behind. Upon seeing this chaotic situation aroused, my husband got off the car immediately intending to talk to the driver but instead of him talking, a middle-aged woman whom is at the passenger seat believed to be his wife, opened the door and yelled at him "you are in front but we are just beside, if you want a lot, get one beside you'.

My husband tried to reason with the woman but she started shouting loudly and scolded him with vulgarities. I got off the car upon seeing this situation from my side mirror, asked my husband not to stir up an argument with this kind of mindless person. She was still screaming at us despite us walking back towards our car. We stay put in the car park as our cousins are waiting for a parking lot as well. The couple from the taxi can yell at us for as long as we are there.

I would like to further emphasise that in this situation, the driver whom is behind the wheels is actually portraying a very bad image towards the company. All the more, he should think before he act. Whatever he does, reflect badly about the company.

I believed that there are no rules and regulations about getting into a parking lot but it is all about basic courteousy and ethics of individual drivers. It is not necessary to use vulgarities and cursed our whole family when they were the ones whom jumped queue and acting without integrity.

I empathized that many taxi drivers treated their taxi as their own vehicle and did many irresponsible behaviours under the name of the company. This kind of barbaric act is extremely incorrigible. I personally hope that this kind of unethical and errant drivers should be severly dealt with. Didn't our country always emphasis in upgrading and retraining of skills? They should go for etiquette classes to learn more about basic courteousy."

[If they were really concerned about being civil, they wouldn't be taxi drivers in the first place! In any case, it is a frequent occurrence for taxi drivers to be greedy and ungracious. Perhaps, since this driver chose to use his taxi as his personal car with scant regard to the fact that he represents Comfort whether he wishes to or not, you may wish to lodge a complaint with Comfort directly? This can be done easily via the online feedback form at the Comfort Taxi website. I think this will send a signal to this particular taxi driver that he cannot choose to act out as layman when using the company vehicle.]


Mr Ee Pin Lee informs the following on 15/03/2010:

"I found your site very interesting when browsing through the net and am looking for ways to get justice done! I had recently been involved in a road traffic incident and the whole matter has been blown up to proportions by the other party. I hope you would be interested in finding out more of this matter, and hopefully help educate other road users who come across inconsiderate and unprofessional taxi drivers. I have highlighted my issues to the taxi company, via the below letter, and they are unable to help me as well. They referred me to the insurance companies to settle, which has proven to be unfair as in my case.

What I want to highlight is the everyday possibility of meeting such taxi drivers, who will go all out to "extort" your money through their claims, and the driver is often helpless in such situations. Some of my friends have met with similar cases, but are just as helpless. I hope to expose this incident, and hopefully redress other road users' grievance. Please see below for the facts of this incident:

Dear Sir or Madam/Whom It May Concern, I have tried searching for the proper channels to direct my disappointment and frustration, but have been unsuccessful so far. I hope someone can help me to address my concerns with regards to the issues raised in this writing, and provide me with a satisfactory explanation quickly.

I am here to lodge a complaint against the driver of SHA3193G, Zulkifli Bin Ali. I was traveling alone along Yishun Ave 2 towards Lentor Ave at about 2047hr on 09 Oct 09. Taxi SHA3193G was traveling in front of me, when it suddenly jammed the brakes. I was traveling around 20-30 km/h and had to react quickly by jamming my brakes so as to avoid a collision. Behind my vehicle, three other vehicles were also held up due to this incident.

Immediately, the driver of SHA3193G switched on his hazard lights and went down the vehicle. I also got down from my vehicle to check if there was any damage done to my vehicle. Upon inspection on the front and back of my vehicle, I realized there was neither contact nor damage done. A visual and physical check on SHA3193G also showed that there was no damage caused by my vehicle.

Being unfamiliar in the situation I am in, Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali asked to exchange particulars which I agreed upon as I thought he might need to contact me for record purposes in the future. I immediately called my father who was the owner of the vehicle, for advice on the situation. Firstly, a very thorough check on both vehicles showed no damage. I even went through it physically with my hands to ascertain the condition of both vehicles, and found neither scratches nor dents. I can verify this fact with the photos I have taken of both vehicles on the day of this incident. Secondly, I had checked the physical conditions of both the passenger in the taxi and Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali and I found both to be alright with no injuries at all. Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali had also personally said there were no injuries involved.

Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali asked for a compensation fee of $150 at the scene of the incident which both my father and I did not agree upon as there was clearly no damage to any of our vehicles. It was ridiculous why we should even be paying a single cent. I stress my point again that both vehicles had not come into contact with each other. We left the scene of the incident shortly. Immediately after reaching home, my family did a second check on our vehicle and found it to be in perfect condition. I was thankful I had not collided with the taxi or made any contact with him.

Later that night, I received a call from Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali that his passenger was complaining of neck pain. It was most frustrating as he could not provide any details or particulars of the passenger when asked. We also clarified with him that both vehicles were not damaged, as verified personally and through the photos. As such we asked for the incident to be settled completely.

We called your company that night when this incident took place. We had asked for Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali's vehicle to be inspected immediately for any damage in order to settle this issue. We also brought up the issue of Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali's behaviour in trying to settle the compensation fees and the "injury" his passenger has sustained. My family and I were left disgusted and appalled by the unprofessional behaviour of this driver, which is why we made a call to Comfort quickly to seek closure on this matter. We did not want to be held responsible for something that we did not do.

Just a week later after the incident, we received a letter from the insurance company of Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali. We were all shocked as we thought we had settled the matter during the night of the incident, without the need to go through the insurance company. Nevertheless, we proceeded through our insurance company and also sent the vehicle for a check which found it to be in a condition without any damage. We thought this would be the end of the incident as the insurance company has told us that they would settle it on our behalf.

More than one month after the incident, I received a letter from the Traffic Police. The letter stated that the Traffic Police would be investigating this case because the driver of SHA3193G was injured and given 5 days medical leave. This letter came as a surprise to me, as the driver had personally told us he was not injured at the time of the incident, as well as through the phone call he made that night. I have since lodged a police report regarding this incident as required by the Traffic Police.

Taxi drivers like Mr Zulkifli Bin Ali and this entire incident have spoilt the image and the service provided by Comfort. I have tried to raise this issue several times through the feedback hotline, only to be told to refer to the "insurance company" to settle the matter. My family and I are left extremely disappointed and frustrated that up till today we are still receiving letters from the insurance company and Traffic Police on this matter.

Furthermore, this incident could have been settled and closed the night it happened. I feel that it has been very unfair to me and my family to be involved in something which we felt could have been avoided. All these have resulted in much wasted time and effort on my side to bring this episode to an end. I urge Comfort to launch an investigation on this matter so that I can prove my innocence and put this matter to rest. I will lend my fullest support and cooperation to this matter in the event which this investigation is carried out.

Please take action quickly and provide an explanation as I have been very unhappy over this matter. Below are my particulars. Please contact me should you require any details pertaining to this incident.

Comfort has given me a very unfavourable reply, saying they cannot do anything to help with this and they have to leave it to the insurance company to settle. Traffic Police has closed the case as well, and they are too not helping much with their conclusion (even after taking such a long time to investigate!). What I want is justice served and for this driver to be punished so that the incident does not repeat with other road users.

Taxi drivers with questionable integrity and attitude should be kept off the road and given a harsh penalty. I have also sent a feedback to LTA after looking thru your site."

[We are very concerned about this incident. As you correctly point out, it is a case of extortion and malicious behaviour by the taxi driver in question. I do believe that your innocence is proven as Traffic Police would have considered the case to be serious and would have taken action against you if they had the evidence. Whilst there is not much you can do now to take action against the taxi driver for his criminal behaviour (the authorities and cab companies are least interested in public safety until something actually happens to someone), it is very important that you have chosen to share this with all of us. It creates awarenes of such practices and enables others to be prepared in future. Our advice to all parties in an accident (especially with taxi drivers) is to take photos of the damage or area of supposed contact/non-contact and immediately lodge an accident report with the insurance company together with the photos taken (even if the matter has been settled). This will be your legal cover in case any unscrupulous driver tries to extort money or create trouble later on after the accident.]


Mr Benjamin informs the following on 26/02/2010:

"I wish to complaint about this taxi uncle (SHA3699P), name is Tay Woon keong. I call for a cab at west coast park outside the mac, then I was waiting at the entrance where I can see all car turn in but I miss the cab and the driver call me and talk to me in a rude manner and I got on the cab and I heard he whisper softly "if I know I don't pick the call" and I was trying to be nice I say, "uncle when u turn in why I never see your cab", he reply "sit down and don't talk". I was hell pissed and I just keep quiet for the trip. I think Comfort should not have this type of driver to serve as taxi driver."

[We wonder why this taxi driver chooses to be one if he cannot accept such situations. If anything, this is an inherent job hazard for all taxi drivers and his unhappiness is like someone going into the rain with an umbrella expecting not to get even a drop of rain water on them!]


Ms Mireen Koh informs the following on 25/01/2010:

"I have read your entry about the taxi driver, I too have had too many bad experience with them. The following two are the worst of all:

A) When I was relatively young, I was thinking of getting a driving lesson ,thinking of getting more information from the Ubi driving centre itself but not knowing where it was, I took a cab instead. Presuming he knew where the location was (I thought it was a common place), I popped in without asking. Upon circling the area without finding it, he started scolding me for not knowing the place and still yet wanted to process. I was very young at that time to argue with him (I was angry but too scared to do so). At the end I pay the fare in FULL ( he didn't drop me at the requested destination) he told me it should be somewhere nearby and I have to ask my way there.

B) The other time occurred during the most important moment in my life, about dec 2007 I was getting ROM. I left my house in cab an hour before the scheduled timing as to avoid being late on such an important date. In the car, I started to double check on the item that we supposed to bring. At around Lavender area , the worst nightmare i ever dreamt of came to reality I HAD FORGOT MY IC. I had to turn back for it.

The taxi driver responded that he could turn back but he can't continue the journey as he is going someplace else. Ok..reasonable enough , I was thinking, it was my fault at the first place. I have No right to say anything. My then hubby to be was so angry with me that I think a quarrel is unavoidable. My relatives and friends kept calling. My heart was like pounding very fast..

After dropping us down. The cab turned and go , I casually turn around and was shocked that the same taxi was picking up another customer. I was so angry, if he can take another customer why must he forced us out of his car and made us wait for another 1. ( you might say the customer might be on his way, but what I saw is the customer just popped in and the car drove off) We are late for hour but luckily we are allowed to process with the solemnization Compare to these two, the rest of the complains were too microscopic to be ever mentioned "

[Don't worry Ms Koh, as this website shows, you are definitely not alone in your suffering. The only way we can stop this is to stand up and be counted. Whenever we come across an idiot taxi driver, we need to make sure that we lodge a complaint on LTA's feedback website immediately. If every one of us does this, I can guarantee that stupid taxi drivers will become a thing of the past. Although we have some way to go, less people are making the mistake of telling themselves that the 'poor taxi drivers' should be given the benefit of the doubt. More people are realising that there is no doubt in the idiotic mentality of these taxi drivers!]


Readers' Alerts (2009 and earlier)



Is it just me or does the taxi driver (pictured right in the article, right outside the Subordinate Courts) seem proud of his 'accomplishment' - the willful death of another human being? Apparently, he had tried to drive off from an accident scene, knocked the victim onto his bonnet, sped forward and then braked hard, causing the victim to be flung on to the road. And on top of that, he was happily waiting in his taxi till the Police arrived whilst others came forward to help the dying victim.

As far as I am concerned, this f**ker needs to be hanged, as simple as that.

Happy Murderer



What The Web Has To Say....

"I saw a big pile up today on the highway this morning. Lo and behold, the cause of it was three taxis.

"I put it down to the standard 'one millimetre gap' that they always leave between themselves and the car in front. I really wish they wouldn't do that."

- the taximan says -


"Taxi drivers are very obstinate and although Singaporeans like to make money above all else the taxis do not follow that rule. For them food and sleep is more important and so if they are coming towards the end of their shift or feel like dinner, then they will not pick you up unless you want to go where they are going."

"The average taxi driver in Singapore is definitely in need of help. Psychological help in some cases and others just need some basic lessons in driving."

"One thing does puzzle me though: why the drivers constantly ask the passengers which way they would like to go. Having just arrived in Singapore I catch a taxi at the taxi station just outside the airport. I give him the name of the hotel and off he goes. After five-minutes this driver will invariably turn around and ask me whether I would like to go by the PIE or by the East Coast Road. Stupid question really as the average person arriving at Singapore Airport and especially one who is going to a hotel would not have a clue about the transport system in Singapore."

- The Singapore Taxi Driver ~ by Ieuan Dolby -


"Most taxi-drivers have a gripe with the Singapore government. They are always complaining that the times are bad and they are getting less business because of unemployment and big companies shifting their operations out of Singapore. That's not the best part. They always like to paint you the gloomy picture of Singapore's economy."

- Singapore Entrepreneurs -


"as if its the world's fault that their life sucks. blaming every1 but themselves. hope he gets retribution for his murder."

"alot of cases are connected to taxi drivers n bikers i.e taxi suddenly swerve into lane to pick up passengers or suddenly e-brake to pick up passengers. then the bloody taxi co shld reflect on hw the teach their taxi drivers hw to drive! n how to manage their drivers.the r suppose to b a transportation service...not some road hazard killing machine to pple."

- SingaporeBikes.com -


"They drive without due consideration for other motorists and are the cause of most accidents. It is no secret that almost every driver is weary of each and every taxi that is near him. Taxi drivers are amazingly nonchalant when they are causing inconvenience to others and are surprisingly impatient when they are on the receiving end of such inconvenience."

"They just can't help being lazy when they ought to be working and complaining the rest of the time. They can't avoid looking for crooked ways to squeeze a few more cents out of the passenger whilst dishing out appalling service."

"Drop a few cents on the bonnet of a taxi whose driver is sleeping in his taxi instead of trying to get passengers - because that's what he's there for, he's resting whilst waiting for alms. If someone really needed to sleep, he'd go home to bed right? Why else would he do that when driving a taxi is a flexible-work vocation."

- If The Island Could Talk -


"If you read or watch ChannelNewsAsia, you might come away with the impression that ComfortDelgo is 'making its first fare adjustment in 12 years.'


Taxi surcharges have undergone increment in the past 12 years. Surcharges hours have increased in the past 12 years. Booking fees have increased in the past 12 years. Fares per kilometers have increased in the past 12 years."

- Singaporesurf -





News Sources (and our comments)

Singapore Enlists Taxi Drivers To Foil Terrorists

'Singapore has enlisted its 40,000 taxi drivers to foil terrorists, telling them to be on alert for nervous or restless passengers and distributing pamphlets describing what militants might do or ask.

"It's a bit absurd," said 22-year-old student Serene Chua. "Terrorists have their network and will know where to source out things like fertilizers or cheap second-hand cars. They won't need to ask taxi drivers that."'

[We don't even have to say anything. Even the word on the street is condemning of this initiative]


Singapore Taxi Academy

"Formed in July 2003, the Singapore Taxi Academy (STA) is training cab drivers to be more professional in their services. The Academy has also been appointed by LTA to conduct training and assessment for the Taxi Driver Vocational Licence (TDVL) and the TDVL Refresher Training Course."

- LTA -

[The interesting thing is that, to date, this so-called 'academy' doesn't even have a website for itself]


The Passenger's Weapon

"In June 2003, LTA also introduced a revised framework to govern the conduct of taxi drivers, known as the Vocational Licence Points System (VLPS).

The VLPS enhances the transparency of the disciplinary framework to the commuters and taxi drivers, by spelling out the offences, fines, demerit points and guidelines for suspending or revoking the vocational licence of a taxi driver.

A handbook on the VLPS was distributed to all active taxi drivers in June 2003."

- LTA -

[Finally, we have been handed a sure-fire weapon against the dreaded taxi driver. This HANDBOOK has a detailed list of offences and the accompanying punishment and even includes a flowchart for the course of action that needs to be taken by the authorities]


Rude Taxi Driver Spoilt Our Day

"Then, while alighting from the taxi with my sister, we had to pick up all our stuff, and I forgot to pick up the used tissue.

The taxi driver then repeatedly blew his horn, while we were at the void deck, to summon us back. He asked my sister to pick up the tissue. My sister did, apologising for accidentally leaving it there.

He did not appreciate this and shouted in Mandarin: 'Don't you try anything funny!'"

[This sort of behaviour certainly sounds very familiar, doesn't it? According to the handbook, it would carry a $100 fine and 3 demerit points for "Verbally insulting, intimidating or harassing a passenger"]


Taxi Drivers Above 70 Will Be Tested On Reaction Time Among Other Assessments

13 June 2006 1827 hrs

" The age limit for taxi drivers will be increased from 70 to 73 from July.'"

[Isn't it bad enough that the young taxi drivers are already an unscrupulous lot and the bane of other motorists? Do we really need a senile bunch of taxi drivers too?]


Disabled And Looking For A Cab

"But given a choice, most would drive past a wheelchair-bound person and stop for an able-bodied person further down the road.'"

"When asked why, this was the common excuse: "I didn't see her.""

"Questioned further, he looked worried, and said: "Why do you want me to pick her up? Your friend is it? Okay, I take her."

ST: "Forget it. We don't want the taxi anymore."

But Mr Lee refused to drive off and kept looking back even when I walked off.

He waited a few moments and tried to reverse. By then, several vehicles had stopped behind him, so this caused a bit of a jam."

"Cabbies caught being picky risk losing part of their year-end incentive bonus. Those caught for other offences before, like overcharging or being rude to commuters, could even be suspended or terminated."

[We're sure many of our readers would have encountered such aggressive behaviour from taxi drivers. The last bit about the offence and punishment is yet another powerful weapon for us against them]



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